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Quitting Smoking with a Green Smoke Electronic Cig (22nd May 20 at 7:14am UTC)
How long have you been smoking cigarettes? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Or have you lost count? Don't worry because it's irrelevant; the truth is that every single day you've spent smoking has reeked an incredible amount of damage to your body Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online. This damage started from day 1 and has been building since. And it has the potential to obliterate you for good off this planet, which is why I greatly urge that today you start anew by quitting smoking with a Green Smoke electronic cigarette.

For starters, an electronic cigarette is an electrical device that heats raw liquid into a vapor. A vapor is basically 'smoke' without combustion. Since the nicotine is heated without fire or tobacco Newport Menthol Cigarettes, it doesn't produce any carcinogens. It's essentially just a water vapor (when heated, water turns into steam or vapor) that also contains a certain amount of nicotine, depending on the brand of electronic cigarette you choose.

Since there is no tobacco, an e-cigarette doesn't really taste the same. It's less harsh, meaning no sore throats. It has no smell, meaning no stink. It doesn't have other nasty chemicals, meaning no second hand smoke or stained teeth. And it doesn't have any carcinogens, which means your risk of dying from lung cancer suddenly goes from about 90% to 1%. Studies haven't shown conclusively that e-cigs are 100% safe from cancer, but I can promise you with every shred of my common sense that they are a whole lot safer.

That said, there are at least 100 different electronic cigarette brands to choose from. Some of the more common manufacturers you may hear about include Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, and NJoy. There are dozens of other brands, but they don't deserve your time and attention because they frankly lack any semblance of quality. Excuse my bluntness, but any e-cigarette kit retailing at your gas station for $19.99 is nothing but trash Marlboro Cigarettes Website. Don't trust it; better yet, start shopping at grocery stores instead!

Out of the aforementioned electronic cigarettes Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, Green Smoke is the one and only that I personally use. It's more expensive, but for good reason Buy Cigarettes Online. It offers better vapor production (some e-cigs barely create any smoke, making the experience extremely unsatisfying), better batteries (longer lasting batteries means you don't have to charge your e-cig as often), and better tasting cartridges (cartridges are what hold the nicotine).

The bottom line is that smokers interested in quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette are more likely to actually quit if they use Green Smoke. This isn't fact, but I'll gladly vouch for it. I've met countless failed e-cigarette smokers who ended up reverting back to their original disgusting habit simply because their e-cig proved uninspiring. It's no surprise, what with the fact that the majority of them opted for a cheaper brand.

Your best bet, if you're serious about quitting smoking, is to start with the Green Smoke Social Smoker starter kit. It's a kit featuring an electronic cigarette (battery and cartridge) and some other goodies like a wall charger and a USB charger. This retails for $109. They also have a Basic Starter Kit for $139. This kit offers a backup battery, which can be useful, though it's certainly not necessary.

If you plan on purchasing a Green Smoke electronic cigarette Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, then do yourself a favor and save 10% with some Green Smoke coupons. Also, be certain you opt for free shipping. Your order may take one or two extra days to arrive, but it'll save you money.

Well, it's up to you now. I quit smoking with a Green Smoke e-cigarette in December 2010, and I've been feeling great ever since. The only reason I didn't just quit outright is because it was too hard. Plus whenever I tried to quit smoking, I ended up eating a lot and gaining weight. With an electronic cigarette, I can keep on with my habit, except this time around I know that I'm not harming my body. You got to love it!
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