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new colors to our Plantation Shutters Collection - Posted By wood (goodwood) on 5th Dec 19 at 2:22am
The finest shutter program in the marketplace just got better.

Elegant Windows has added four new colors to our Plantation shutters Collection, all in various hues of white, one of the hottest color trends of the year. We have also added three new frame styles to create more customer options. These additions now create eight different colors for our Broadleaf Shutters and a total of nine frame styles.

In our Chelsea wood collection, we added new modern, clean, flat frame styles. This, coupled with the option of a plain flat stile, creates the opportunity to offer a smooth, modern, look that is becoming increasingly popular. Nobody else has these options.

Call any of us here at Elegant Shutters to see these amazing new additions!

Elegant Windows has been in business since 1999 and we are the second largest window treatment manufacturer in the world.

The poly resin material in our shutter is completely proprietary and unique. The material is CO-extruded, something no one else in the world does. This means it’s compressed into an extremely dense form.

This process and the resulting density makes our material the most insulative shutter on the market, gives it the appearance of looking and feeling like real wood, and creates amazing structural integrity on our panels, which we can make up to 36” wide.

Our material is lead free, fire retardant, moisture proof, antimicrobial, and is certified for zero off gassing. That material is guaranteed to never crack, fade, peel, yellow or warp for its entire lifetime! It has the look of a real wood shutter while being very easy to clean and care for.

Finally, we are the only shutter in the world with a lifetime consumer assurance guarantee. If the dog chews on your expensive, beautiful shutters 15 years from now, they are fully covered! Our limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is transferable to new owners if you ever sell your home. This enhances the investment you made in shutters for your home.

Call any of us here at Elegant Shutters to see these amazing new additions and find out how we can meet your window treatment needs!

Can you imagine a window treatment that could blend and enhance any décor, provide an amazing insulation value, is child and pet safe PLUS will improve the value of your home? That perfect window treatment happens to be Interior Shutters.

Interior shutters have been around for a long time, but never seem to go out of style, providing timeless beauty. These shutters are custom built for each and every window. They can be ordered with 2 ½”, 3 ½” or 4 ½” louvers, giving you the ability to design the exact amount of view and light control. Interior Shutters from Elegant Shutters come in both Broadleaf brand Poly and Chelsea brand Genuine Hardwood. http://www.chinagoodwood.com

Broadleaf Poly Shutters by Elegant Shutters have the look and feel of real wood, but the durability of Poly. They are guaranteed to never crack, peel, fade, yellow or warp. These beautiful shutters are antimicrobial, fire retardant, even waterproof. They are easy to clean and built to last the life of your home.

Chelsea Genuine Hardwood Shutters are crafted from the finest, most durable hard woods. They are constructed with the same craftsmanship as you would find in any high-end furniture. Chelsea shutters use Mortise and Tenon Joints, guaranteed to never sag. Our wood shutters have engineered stiles, guaranteed to never bend or bow. We only use recessed magnets that will never deteriorate over time. These shutters come in over fifty paints and stains and can even be custom painted.

Elegant Shutters is so confident in their superior design and construction that they offer a lifetime “no questions asked” consumer assurance guarantee on every shutter they make. An Elegant brand shutter is the worlds most trusted brand in Interior shutters.

Interior Shutters literally transform any home with beauty, style and functionality. An interior shutter from Elegant Shutters is like putting fine, custom crafted furniture in each of your windows. They are an investment in your most cherished possession, your home.

There is plenty to like about beautiful Elegant Shutters. They look great, help save on energy costs by keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter, improve security, and help protect your household items from sunlight.

Our customers also like our Consumer Assurance Guarantee which provides a lifetime warranty for our products, no questions asked.

While this warranty service can certainly come in handy if anything gets permanently broken or damaged, we hope your products never get to this point. In fact, we encourage homeowners to perform regular upkeep on their shutters which can help keep them looking nice and in good shape for a long time.

Cleaning and inspecting your shutters regularly can also alert you to small problems that, over time, could grow into bigger, more damaging issues.

Try these strategies to make sure you help your products continue to look great over the seasons.

Dirt—It can build up fast outside, especially if you live where it’s windy. One popular treatment method for some types of dirty shutters, including Broadleaf products, is simply wiping them with a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Before you begin, check the material of shutter you have for any restrictions. Some wooden shutters that are intended to be used indoors could be damaged by certain types of soap or too much moisture, while many exterior ones are designed to withstand weather for years and are much more durable.

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